Lakota Language Program Resources

Red Cloud Indian School offers the following fonts and keyboards for students, teachers and community members to use for the Lakota Language Program.


The Lakota language uses special characters such as 'ȟ' or 'ǧ' which may not always be available on all computing devices. If you wish to type in Lakota, and your font is unable to display the characters found in Lakota, you may want to download the following fonts. Click on the links below to download fonts to your computer. Fonts should be saved to your "font library folder."


Users can also download a Lakota language keyboard for Mac and PC computers. This software keyboard allows for the typing of special characters found in the Lakota Language. For instructions on how to download and use the keyboards, click here. To properly download the keyboards, users should read the instructions first.

For more information or use of these fonts, please contact the Lakota Language Project at

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