Lakota Language Program Resources

Here are some helpful tools for learning or teaching the Lakota language. New resources will be added monthly, so please check back often!

♦ Resources for Beginner Learners ♦

Lakȟóta Alphabet Book Lakȟóta Alphabet Book
Click images to listen
Lakȟóta Alphabet Book Lakȟóta Alphabet Book
For printing
Lakȟóta Orthography Chart Lakȟóta Orthography Chart
An alphabet chart, with comparative sounds

♦ Printable Resources for Teachers ♦

K-12 Lakota Language Goals K–12 Lakota Language Goals
Observation Guide Observation Guide
Framework for Teaching Lakota Framework for Teaching Lakota
Developed by Philomine Lakota
Classroom Door Signs Classroom Door Signs
Cut on the dotted line and post!
Hall Passes Hall Passes
Fold on the dotted line and laminate!
Lakota Alphabet Poster Lakota Alphabet Poster

♦ Printable Resources ♦

Flashcards Flashcards
Print, Cut, Fold, Laminate, Speak!
miniBooks miniBooks
Print, Color, Cut, Staple, Speak!
Iktómi Heyé Iktómi Heyé
Similar to "Simon Says"
Wóglakapi Wóglakapi
Conversation Basics Conversation Basics
Morning Phrases Morning Phrases
Daytime Phrases Daytime Phrases
Evening Phrases Evening Phrases
Nighttime Phrases Nighttime Phrases
Nature Hunt Wóle Ománipi
"Nature Hunt"
Reindeer Ornament Instructions Wazíyata Heȟáka Wáȟ’ayetȟuŋpi
Make a Christmas Lakota!

♦ Multimedia ♦

Hayápi Hayápi
Thiwáhe Thiwáhe
Wazí Aháŋhaŋ Numbers Game
Wazí Aháŋhaŋ Wazí Aháŋhaŋ
Pine Ridge

♦ Textbook Samples ♦

Second Grade Second Grade
Sixth Grade Sixth Grade
High School Level 1 High School Level 1

If you are a school administrator or teacher who would like to learn more about obtaining textbook copies for your classroom, please contact us at

♦ Typing Lakota ♦

Lakota Keyboard Lakota Keyboard
Lakota Fonts Lakota Fonts

♦ Other Lakota Language Sites ♦

Lakota Nation Invitational Lakota Nation Invitational
Wóihaŋble Thunder Valley Language Initiative's
All-Lakota Website
Thunder Valley CDC Thunder Valley CDC
Lakota Language Initiative


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